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Flowers calgary  are the most traditional, inspiring, and thoughtful gift. Flowers are gifted to one another to celebrate many occasions such as birthdays, anniversary, Valentines’ day, Mother’s day, and special holidays. People also gift flowers to apologize, to show their sympathy, or to wish them well. Did you know every flower has a different meaning? Yes, each flower conveys a special meaning, and their meanings also differ in color. Here are the top flowers and their meanings-


Lavender features manifold florets and an elegant stem. They originate in various colors like blue, violet, and purple. They are widely famous for their size and sweet fragrance. Lavender signifies loyalty, luck, and silence. Purple lavender represents royalty, elegance, and classiness.


Orchid is a beautiful and delicate flower. It has around 800 genera and 250,000 different species. Orchids have geometrically shaped petals which make them more interesting and appealing. Orchids are flowers that symbolize sympathy and compassion.


Daffodils are wonderful flowers which have golden-yellow colors and have a long stem; on the whole, they look like spring. The daffodils are botanically known as Narcissus. They are also referred as jonquils in England. Daffodils signify freshness and renewal. They convey hope and support. So gift a person daffodils, and you can change their bad mood into a good one. Daffodil has many meanings such as frankness and honesty. Daffodils symbolize fortune in China.


Carnation is an amazing flower, and its name belongs to ‘corone’ because it was used as a crown in the Greek crowning ceremonies. Carnations come in many colors, but they are typically pinkish purple. Each color represents a different meaning. Pink carnation symbolizes remembrance; red ones represent admiration, white carnations expresses innocence and luck.


Sunflowers are originally from Central and South America. These flowers are an ideal blend of beauty and worth. They are used for decoration and extracting oil and providing food. Sunflowers have a happy face that tends to smile towards the sun. They symbolize warmth, esteem, and pleasure. Sunflowers are one of the most loved flowers of all.


Dahlia is named after the botanist Anders Dahl, and it is known as the public flower of Mexico. The flower belongs to an Asteraceae species along with 30 more species belonging to this family. Dahlia comes in wide range of colors such as bronze, red, white, purple, etc. It represents betrayal or warning. But in Victorian philological, it symbolizes elegance and decorum. Hence it is often used in wedding ceremonies.


Iris is a unique flower, and it represents hope, courage, and wisdom. The cutting edge shaped signify sorrows. The meaning of Iris flower differs according to its color. White iris symbolizes purity, blue one symbolizes hope and faith, yellow iris represents passion, and the purple ones represent wisdom.


Ranunculus is an amazing flower that is mainly used for medical purposes. The flowers come in many colors including red, pink, yellow, white. This flower has an ability to please everyone’s eyes with its beauty. It represents glory and charm.

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