Towing Tips

What to do after I have been in an accident?


When you meet with an accident, it is natural for you to go in a state of shock. While it is hard to stay level-headed in this situation, it is important that you stay calm to solve the situation that has occurred. First and foremost, check is whether you or the people along with you in the care (if any) are safe. If there are any injuries, immediately get medical attention to anyone, who needs it. If someone has back or neck injury doesn’t move them until and unless the medical help gets there.

Another important advice is not to leave the place of the accident until it is okay to do that. If you will leave the accident scene when someone has been injured or worse killed, you can face severe criminal charges.

If there is a significant damage such as injury or death, you should immediately call the cops. See that police report is filed and get the name and badge numbers of all the officers who were at the scene.

It is important that you get the full names, drivers’ license number, address, license plate number, insurance details of the drivers that were involved in the accident. If there were passengers involved, get their names, number, and addresses. When interacting with the people involved in the accident, be calm and cooperative.

If there were witness get their name, phone number, and address for future reference. You should also inform the insurance company regarding the accident. Be cooperative. Inform them truthfully what happened on the scene and details of injury to you and your vehicle. Be truthful about the facts. If you lie to the insurance company, they might deny giving the coverage for the accident. Get a review of the police report so you can prove that you are stating the facts.

If people were injured in the accident, it is better if you get an attorney. An attorney would help you get to maximize your reclamation if you were the one who was injured. If the other party was injured, an attorney would be helpful in defending your side. Many attorneys work on an emergency fee basis that means the attorney will only get the fees if you get the settlement. Make sure you get an experienced attorney for the case.

Now if you were the only one involved in the car accident, there was no other parties involvement then check whether you have an injury. If you have any, get the medical help immediately. If you don’t have any injury, but there have been some damages to your car, then it is safe to call a tow truck. Even if you think your vehicle is drivable, it is risky to be back on the road before getting it checked by a professional. So call a tow truck company and get help. They will in examining your car to see if everything is alright and help you get an assurance.