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Top  Calgary SEO tips for 2018

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SEO calgary  is a very unpredictable industry because of the many alterations that happen in the Google system within a period. A system that is set in this month may or may not be in the same place in the next month. It is a dynamic system that inspires Calgary SEO specialists to stay alerted and keep up-to-date with the updates. In 2017, it has become imperative to the SEO specialist to watch over the trends that can affect the ranking for their keywords. Here are some of the SEO Services tips that will help the specialists in 2017-

Review Google’s featured content:

Look for the other types of content that Google results from features. In Google result, the rich answer is known as ‘feature snippets’. ‘Related Questions’ is another feature that is quite like that. It shows how your article should cover the questions with SEO services . With images and videos, you will have a better option to gain cut-through in the SERPs.

Rich Answers Optimization:

While focusing on top rank in search engine, targeting keyword is essential, optimization for rich answers have become equally important. Rich answers are the results that appear on the top organic searches. As Google has made its aim to offer utmost value to its users, rich answers offer the most applicable data based on the search question. Getting your page on the top searches will help you enhance the chances of getting into the rich answers box.

Enhance the page’s engagement:

Users’ engagement has always been considered as a significant ranking factor. This includes bounce rate, average time on the page, pogo sticking, etc. The user engagement is indirect to influence on the search ranking. However, all website owners need to enhance the engagement of their page if they are serious about their ranking. To get effective users engaging first, you need to analyze how much engagement you are getting from the visitors. The more clicks the page collects from its links, the more engagement the page has with the users.

Mobile App Optimization:

The mobile market is huge. In fact, it is so big that even Google is figuring out the way to offer the mobile user with effective search experience. The page owners are encouraged to create mobile or responsive designs to enhance the page’s loading speed on the smartphones. A faster loading speed represents that the site will be able to keep the visitors.

Google will soon take up an important role in offering content to its mobile users like starting an app store optimization. Besides, the App indexing is the newest development in search results that is likely to make a significant impact on how the page will rank for the targeted keyword. Formerly apps are indexed on Google Play or App Store rather than indexing on Google search. This, in turn, made it complex for Google to rationalize its search abilities. Thus the marketer has to work towards optimization of both the App Store as well as Google Play Store rather than just on Google organic.