Painting Tips

Tips and Tricks for Interior Painting

Every trade or profession has got the tips and tricks that work well for them. Now that you want to try out painting the interior of your home, you will need to learn how to extend the lifespan of your brushes by using them properly to achieve a finish that is professional-like. Some of the tips and tricks for interior painting Calgary.

MIX ALL THE PAINT TOGETHER: This will help you achieve a perfect blend of color across the entire wall of the room. There is a chance that if you use one bucket of paint after another, you will not achieve a perfect blend. By mixing them together, they blend very well before you begin to apply it on the walls.

USE TAPE: You do not want to have tape marks after you are done painting. Lap marks are telltale signs that the painting job was done by an amateur. Since you want a professional look, roll a tape across the full height of the wall. This will keep off the tape marks if you use a wet edge.  Here is how to properly tape your walls. You may consider Hiring a Calgary Painter

TAKE OFF THE TAPE: When you are done painting, allow it to dry before taking off the tape. You will realize that you have a perfect edge.

PAINT SYSTEMATICALLY: If you follow a pattern, your painting will come out just perfect. Begin with the trim before proceeding to the ceiling and then the walls.

WALL PATCHES: Patches on the wall will dent your attempt to get a professional finish. To prevent this from happening, you should prime and texture the wall patches.

MAINTAIN CLEAN SURFACES:  Calgary Painters need to form a strong bond with the wall for it to come out right. This is why it is best to clean every dirty surface first before you begin to apply the paint. Remember to have your paintbrush clean also.

GET A CONSISTENT TEXTURE: Take time to roll the paint along the edges in order for you to achieve a consistent texture all through.

USE COTTON DROP CLOTHS: Instead of making use of plastics, the use of cotton drop cloths is strongly recommended.

FEATHER OUT PAINT: There are situations where it is impossible to keep a wet edge. The best option in such situations is to feather out the paint.

SAND TRIM: To achieve the professional calgary painter look you desire at the end of your interior painting exercise, you will need to sand trim between coats.

By applying these tips and tricks, you are sure to do an interior painting job that will come out as professional.