Basement Renovations

The basement is one part of the home that mostly goes unused. Many people use basements for laundry or keeping extra furniture that’s’ not in use. But, that contributes to more moisture in the surface than render any beneficial use. Homeowners are increasingly adopting basement renovation ideas in Calgary.

Your basement can be a lot more than just a dark room to haunt your kids or throwing all the old and extra things. With basement renovations in trend, it is time to remodel your basement and get rid of all the things you should have long ago. To get a topnotch basement renovation, it is a good idea to hire a professional renovation team in Calgary.

Why renovate your basement? 

The renovating basement offers a lot of benefits. Above all, it gives off a welcoming, refreshing vibe. Your house does not only has additional space now but makes you feel better every time you enter this renovated, remodeled space.

Following are some other benefits:

It offers more space to put into use. 

With a renovated basement, you have a lot of space you can put into use. Yes, as large as your entire house. Renovating the basement to add more space is more cost-effective than constructing more rooms to an already confined area. Also, it is better than going for loft conversions.

This usable space can be used greatly. You can have good family time, enjoy summers in cool basement space, or host a party for friends at home without disturbing your mom.

It can make a great hangout place. 

With friends, you can even fit into a small room. But with a renovated basement, you can always invite friends over for a sleepover. Also, your mom won’t complain. As the party ends, clean up space, and it’s all new again.

You might not realize it now, but the basement makes a great hangout place when you want to be among your friends but are not in clubbing/café-ing mood. 

It allows for better accommodation.

With a growing family or a lot of guests at your place, you need not make space or give up your own room to accommodate them. The basement can handle it all well. It offers enough space to accommodate big families. So when its summers and your cousins are at your place, you can have a lot of fun without getting annoyed.

It increases your property value. 

Overall, basement renovations add a lot to your property value in Calgary. With increasing demand, new homebuyers look for homes that have basements. When you have one, and it’s renovated in the best possible manner, you have a great offer to make. The best part is that the buyer is most likely to accept. 

Even though people least care about basements, it’s something that attracts attention in the very first place. So make a good impression of just renovating your house!

Some great basement renovation ideas? 

If you want to go for basement renovation, you must be thinking about how to remodel it to the best of your use. As you plan to renovate your basement, make sure it caters to your needs, be it typical or luxury living needs. Your lifestyle will define that, though!

So if you are looking for some basement renovation ideas for a house in Calgary, you are in the right place. Following are six great things you can turn your basement into:


  • Living area.


Always desired a large living area? Basement can help you make it come true. With soft, easy couches, a TV, and a drink corner, you can make your basement a beautiful living area. It is great for a family gets together as well as to spend some time alone.

The basement often becomes the best place to find an escape. You stay in your home but get a lot fresher and feel better with an impressive basement.


  • Gym.


A gym enthusiast? With a basement in your home, you can get a gym right downstairs. Buy some workout equipment, add a treadmill, and all the gym stuff you like. When you do not find enough time in your routine to go to the gym, you have it right at your home.

Workout freaks and bodybuilding enthusiasts know what a difference it can make! 


  • Sports room. 


Are love playing games indoor?

Indoor games such as basketball, table, tennis, etc. need a furnished sports room. When you have a basement, you need not join a basketball or tennis club. With your very own sports room in your home, you can play and practice as much as you want.

With friends around, indoor games can be a great idea. 


  • Home office. 


When you are back from work but still have some work left for home, a basement can be made into a home office. But, home offices are becoming a trend for people who freelance. While you work from home, you need a space where you can focus on your work. It is obviously not possible to sit among family and do your work.

Also, if you are planning to start your own business in a while, the basement can be turned into a great office. It offers the perfect place to plan out and execute!


  • Home cinema. 


Love watching movies? Turn your basement into the theatre. With a large screen and row seating or a comfortable couch in place, you can spend great movie time with your loved ones. Whether it’s your friends or family, a home cinema is the best way to have a good time together.


  • Storage space 


Turning the basement into a clean storage space is also a good idea. People often offer their basements to a logistic company to store goods and earn a good amount out of it.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must know the benefits of basement renovations in Calgary homes. By turning your basement into something you have always wished to, you can add a lot of excitement and enjoyment to your lives. Just with a little cost and effort, you are always going to appreciate your decision. 


Top reasons to Visit a Spa

Looking for Spa Services in Calgary ? check out our recommendations . We have sent many clients to our Calgary Spa services Listed below are a Few of the Top reasons to Visit a Spaa. Get Healthier and Unwind  This is the ideal option if you’re trying to make some wholesome changes in your own life whilst maintaining up with a specialist career.  Traditionally, hotel spas provide spa therapies”a la carte”.  They concentrate on comfort, aromatherapy, and health.  In accordance with Aromatherapy Associates, aromatherapy is moving into a brand-new instructions, and also the power of odor is being used because of its powerful therapeutic qualities.  The soothing orange blossom and lavender aromas which frequently strolled through spa lounges and remedies rooms have been a part of spa and health experiences for ages.  Taking its origins from India, Egypt, and China — in which fragrant plant oils have been utilized for spiritual, makeup and medical intent.  Today, aromatherapy is playing a fantastic part in treating pain, as a mood enhancer and also in sleep treatment.   As a spa customer, now you can receive personalized remedies based on how you’re feeling.  This new fad is exciting and private.  Imagine visiting a spa and getting a treatment using essential oils according to your immediate needs and needs?  To attain the customer’s aim, the therapist may carefully pick essential oils and methods, songs, and supply health recommendations.  Wonderful!


Since the business offers customers minimally invasive medical procedures at a relaxed, non-aggressive surroundings, rather than having to attend a physician’s office, Medical Spas have been the choice for all.  Stylish and posh spas are opening up all over the nation.  The Medical Spa notion is the organic mixing of innovative skincare with the human body and facial rejuvenation services at the relaxing setting and ease of a day spa.  Ahead of Medical Spas, the sole access to these human body and facial treatment services was via a physician’s office.   Massage, by way of instance, is a lot more than the indulgence.  It has many health benefits: calming the central nervous system; enhancing blood flow and allow the body eliminate waste products.  Routine massages can help keep you feeling your best and enhance the standard of your daily life. Medical Spas concentrate in processes such as laser treatments and popular injectables.   Although, most spas provides both high tech and organic skin care treatments like acupuncture .  Encourages Weight Reduction Health and health are hot subjects worldwide, and they’ve been for ages.  On the other hand, the proportion of adults across the globe that are deemed overweight has increased by almost 30 percent over the previous 30 years — based on Nielsen research.  The fantastic news, however, is that customers around the globe are taking measures to care for their wellness.  Approximately half are attempting to shed weight, and producers are reformulating products to remove or lower the cholesterol, sugar, trans fat and saturated sodium and fat content of meals.  Far more resorts are providing destination-spa-like programming during specialization evenings, frequently headlined by star coaches and health professionals.


Asbestos Removal


The implementation of key procedures applies for the personal protection and environment safety, according to the EPA and OSHA standards.  The risk factors increase when the asbestos containing materials (ACM) are subject to external disturbance during asbestos removal. The release of asbestos fibers into the air could result in health hazards not only for the inhabitants of the building, but also to the neighbors. Hence you should apply caution and follow the safety and protection procedures. Some of them are related to wetting procedures, enclosure erection, isolation, ventilation, portable tools, and safe procedures.

Risk Analysis and Prevention (also Corrections)

asbestos removal

  • Asbestos Types: The two basic types of asbestos are friable and non-friable. The size of the friable type contains more than 1% of ACM. It can be easily reduced to powder form when it is pulverized or crushed under low pressure. The ACM whose tensile strength is higher than 16,000LB/Sq-Inch is called the non-friable asbestos. This material may need to be removed due to its aging factors and decreasing usability. The risks associated with the friable types are stated to be much higher (1:10) compared to the non-friable.
  • Personal Risks: personal risks are mainly associated with health hazards, especially among the children, the elderly and the patients. The airborne concentration higher than 00.6 particles per cubic meter is considered to be risky. Concentration, duration and frequency also increase the risks. The mainly affected parts are the lungs, heart, and the cardiovascular system. The side effects may result in damages to any of the internal and external organs, including the skin. Risks include infections, diseases, disability, and the multiple forms of cancer.
  • Environment Risks: Air, soil and water pollution are the key environmental risks. The concentration of contamination varies from home asbestos emission to industrial emissions. But the impact could be long term and short term.
  • Preventive Measures: Preventive measures are to be taken before the removal work starts. They include the usage of protective hoods, air filters (half and full face air filters with battery driven pumps), shoes and gloves. All the equipment should be certified according to the OSHA and EPA standards. The environment protection measures include erection of enclosure within the removal site (polyethylene,              polycarbonate, and other synthetic materials that cover the floor also) of minimum two layers (6MIL) according to the §1926.1101(g) of the EPA and OSHA standards.  You should block all the ventilation pipes and exhausts which could release the fumes to the external environment. Negative pressure inside the enclosure should be created by a standard electrical unit with HEPA filters, ducting connection, temperature control and a specific air flow rate. This value varies, depending on the total working area. Make sure of using the low pressure pumps to wet the ACM during the removal process (water and wetting agent).  Pre removal cleaning procedures include vacuuming, hand cleaning and vacuuming the entire area. Air input from the decontamination unit and release through negative pressure units will ensure complete environmental safety.
  • Emergency Preparation: The emergency preparation is put into use, when the situation goes out of control due to unforeseen factors. Equipment failure, protection failure, safety device failure, power failure and conformance to safety standards can result in emergency situations. You should ensure backup and corrective measures within the shortest possible time.

Need for Certified Asbestos Abatement

asbestos testing

The need for certified asbestos abatement contractors becomes critical when you wish to cover multiple residential apartments and homes including commercial buildings. They have the license for removal, packing and disposal from the state and federal governments. They can take care of all the procedures from getting the permission to documentation, statutory procedures, insurance, environmental clearances, and access to the licensed disposal units. They also have an infrastructure consisting of equipment, safety gadgets, tools and the required backup materials.

Safety Measures and Costs

Conformance to EPA and OSHA guidelines requires the implementation of all the men, material, machine and methods related to asbestos abatement, and it costs money. It is certainly not inexpensive, but it is surely safe and prevents many of the potentially serious health hazards.

  • Personal Safety: The safety hoods are disposable. The high negative/positive pressure respiratory equipment with masks (rental), battery powered pumps and disposable filters also cost money. Besides, you should pay for the inspection team and workforce.
  • Environment Safety: The costs of environmental safety include enclosures (mostly disposable), and rentals for decontaminators, negative pressure builders, vacuums, pressure pumps, sealants, waste bags, adhesives and accessories, transportation trucks, and the fee for disposal units.
  • Other Equipment: mobile ladders, cleaning tools, power tools (preferably battery driven to avoid electrical installation expenses and risks), disposable washing materials and fabrics, etc, are needed for making the abatement fully safe and pollution free. You need to calculate the costs related to material purchase and equipment rentals.
  • Post Removal: The post removal cleaning and testing procedures require minimum of 48 hours, before you can safely love back into your home. Continuous monitoring and air quality testing procedures are repeated frequently. You need to stay out of your home, which requires expenses for your family’s food and accommodation.
  • Insurance Costs: Insuring the health risks and property damages is one of the key aspects you need to remember while opting for asbestos abatement. The contractors can guide you about the insurance type and coverage for your entire family. Not many of the insurance agencies are prepared to extend the coverage for the asbestos abatement. In such circumstances you need to search for the medical coverage for the exposure to asbestos exposure in the post removal period. For example, the insurance services Lincoln County, Montana offer coverage for asbestosis, pleural plaques, internal organ malignancies etc. In such instances you may have to consider the costs of insurance also.

You can use and electronic spreadsheet on your computer to note down all the related costs. Then compare the quotes given by your contractor with others. Choosing the right contractor also depends on service quality, long term safety and reliability for future maintenance needs.



Top Things to do in Calgary Alberta


Situated in the Canadian province of Alberta, Canada, Calgary is a beautiful city. Calgary is blessed with the scenic views of two rivers, historic artifacts, restaurants full of romance lovely parks and historic museum. Calgary unravels a list of amusing and enjoyable things to do from the depths of its small streets. Calgary has a lot to offer to all kinds of people, be it music lover, history lover, food lover or an art lover. No one goes back with a small heart. Here is a list of things you can do in Calgary that will make your trip memorable over there. See for some great events Great technology center as well with business and online digital marketing , SEO , Web desing and more 

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Attention music lovers!

The National Music Centre is a 160,000 square foot facility in Calgary’s East Village. This Music Centre is dedicated to sharing love and understanding of music. Designed by Portland architect Brad Cloepfil offers a collection of over 2,000 rare instruments and artifacts.

For the love of History

Heritage Park Historical Village is like a dream come true for all the history lovers. It is Canada’s largest living history museum featuring over 200 exhibits and attractions presented beautifully over 127 acres of natural parklands.

Food affair

If you are a foodie and love to eat and experiment different dishes of the local area, then you must go to Al Forno Café & Bakery. It is an ultra-modern comfortable café where you will want to hang out all day. Carafes of wine for the wine lovers, beer for the young souls, excellent coffee for the sophisticated ones, comfy sofas to linger around, a wide range of taste from white pastas to flatbreads, salads soups and Panini, everything freshly cooked at home spreading the mouth-watering smell all around the café, it will be difficult to leave the room for cakes, tarts, and biscuits.


Attention Action Lovers!!

The Military Museum of Canada features eight museums and galleries which visitors can explore. The museum is dedicated to Canada’s military forces to educate the people about the memorable role of navy, army and air force in the world history. It provides a better understanding of victories, sacrifices, and tragedies of Canadian Forces. In-depth knowledge is imparted to the people about the world wars and army regiments. Museum tours unravel the Naval Museum and Tank Park, as well as Mural of Honour.

Oasis Time

If you are a water lover, don’t forget to stop by the beautiful Prince’s Island Park. It is an urban oasis located in the heart of Calgary. It lets residents enjoy various recreational activities. In 1950’s Prince’s Island was established, featuring several picnics areas, water fountains and playgrounds for children. The water freezes in winters to provide a perfect skiing arena, while cafés allow relaxing over coffee with the perfect view. The Park is known to host several large events throughout the year, including the Calgary Folk Festival and Canada Day.